What’s so special about Maui?

The beach, the ocean, the mountain of Molokai,the azure skies. Knowing Maui, however, is also knowing its people.
You can get to know the colorful characters, musicians, artists, and even amazing historical figures.Go to http://www.normbezane.com

What is the best way to know Maui before you come?

In my new book Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui by searching for it on Amazon.

Where is Kaanapali Beach?

Mostly underwater as climate change produces gigantic wave that approach and sometimes cross the beach path.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane over Kaanapali

No its a drone.

All about the joys at the Maui Invitational BB tournament

Experience the joys knowing Maui’s remarkable people that fans can meet during their stay know more about the Maui we love. For more joy to http://www.normbezane.com

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Gene Honda at Maui Invitational

Honda is not a car but a BB announcer who for many years has been the courtside announcer at the tournament. For more on Maui people go to http://www.normbezane.com

Are you ready for some Maui basketball?

Lahaina–Ballet of basketball at Maui invitational

Are your ready for the joy of Maui basketball?

Coaches press conference kicks off the annual event . Each team gets Maui Jim surfboard displayed at their home school and here.


.Well if you in Hawaii, it’s beer


They are on the Kaanapali Beach path. Your guess is as good as mine. Any ideas?