CANCER SURVIVOR SENATOR ROZ BAKER Passionate about victims of cancer and the need for people to take steps to lead healthy lives to ward off the devastating a tearful Roz made a plea to hundreds of Maui restaurants Saturday night to lead health lives in order to ward off the devastating disease. With 300 or more decorated lumeries containing the names of family members and friends who perished from cancer, we can win this fight and end cancer in the 21st century, Throughout the evening orange shirted parade of workers from Dukes, members the morning and evening Rotary clubs, representatives of numerous organizations and individuals including survivors wearing purple sashes marched around a site near the Lahaina Aquatic Center to demonstrate their oneness in the fight against cancers. Lahaina seniors danced hula and hung out in a colorful tent decorated in an oriental theme. Zumba groups performed early and late, inspiring some of the walkers to dance there way around the Relay for Life circuit. Showing a video of luminares, Baker offered memorable insights into what the fight against cancer is all about. “I don’t want to lose another life, Baker said. We all need to come together and get involved. Together we can win. Baker urged listeners to take every possible commemorate measure, wear sun screen, complete routine testing for colon cancers and lead a healthy lifestyle: don’s smoke, don’t subject keiki to second hand smoke, “sot being couch potatoes and

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