A Timely update forwarded by Voices of Maui: The Polynesian Voyaging Society crew would like to thank you for following and supporting our voyage around the world. As we continue to traverse the Pacific Ocean, we want to share a glimpse of what you have helped to accomplish.

Maupiti was our last stop in French Polynesia. We travelled to nine islands, where we participated in [learning journeys]( and exchanges centered on Mālama Honua, or “Care for Our Earth.” We [visited incredible marae](, learned more about our shared cultural and historical past, and carried out [port education programs]( about navigation and our voyage.

Leading up to our French Polynesia sail, the success of the [Mālama Hawaiʻi leg of our journey]( could not have been possible without you. Your support for our voyage and our Mālama Honua activities made it possible for us to visit 33 communities, reach 175 schools, and engage 23,335 community members.

Our crewmembers arrived in Rarotonga and plan to stay there with our gracious hosts from the Cook Islands Voyaging Society until August 6th. We then sail on to two other Cook Islands: Aitutaki and Suwarrow. This is an expression of gratitude to local leadership for their creation of the [Northern Cooks Marine Park](, which is one of the largest Marine Protected Areas in the world. Only 3% of the ocean is currently protected in this way. Emerging [island leadership and science]( for our oceans can help not only the Pacific region, but all of Island Earth.

[Honoring our _kumu_,]( our teachers, is core to seeking out examples of Mālama Honua at home and throughout the world. You are helping us to honor all who have laid the foundation for these values, and taught us how to navigate our journey both at sea and in life.

For the latest updates about departures and arrivals at all ports of the voyage, you can follow us via social media! Visit our []( homepage and click on the FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter icons next to our Donate icon.

Mahalo once again for all that you to support the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines.

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