Alphabetical Paritial Listing by Name


ABERCROMBIE, NEIL–GOVERNOR. Energetic. Turned Hawaii from deficient to surplus. Impressive in storm preparation today.

ARAKAWA, ALAN–MAYOR  (Lukewarm endorsement)  Has great reputation and done excellent things BUT is spending $200,000 of our taxes to fight federal government on injection wells and will lose; spent tax money on lawsuit which was dismissed about employee who criticise police officer)=, weak decision making on recycling..   


delivers for Maui, people not corporate oriented.

COUCH, DON.–COUNCIL.  A solid council member. Shows up frequently at meetings in West Maui although he represents other side of pali.

GUZMAN,  DON–COUNCIL  Fresh face, good record, attorney opposed by former council member who served eight years (we need new blood on Council)

KAALA BUENCONSEJo–council Honest, sincere about helping to keep young people on island, not a tool of developers as has been alleged (based on first hand knowledge)

NICKHILANANDA.–COUNCIL.  Big proponent of extensive recycling for years. Has degrees in government. One of most knowledgeable people on issues in Maui County.

SCHATZ, BRIAN–U. S. SENATE.Appointed by Abercrombie, a smart public official. Faces strong opponent but election choices should be based on what voters think and not on others.

WHITE, MIKE–COUNCIL.  Sound management of Maui budget, cut taxes, understands is most important industry and is not a politician. Fresh face over candidate who was on council many years.

………………………..NOTE THAT THESE ENDORSEMENTS ARE FOR PEOPLE THE BLOGGER HAS MET  AND SOMETIMES HAS HAD EXTENSIVE CONVERSATIONS WITH.  No endorsements for canidates from other areas who I have not met or have accurate information on. PICTURED: The endorser with advisor Kea Aloha.


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