The Blogger has met and talked with all these candidates.

KA’ALA BUENCONSEJO is personable, a new face for council that needs new faces, committed to helping young people stay on the island, jobs and affordable housing

WHITE Is a superb manager, has managed the County budget magnificently, and is highly regarded by other council members. His tourism experience is an asset not a liability in a county that relies on tourists. Victim of some bloggers who have never met him and disparage his accomplishments. Nobody is perfect.

ABERCROMBE turned budget deficit into surplus for state, ended furlough Fridays and has performed wonderly during Hurricane crisis. A very fine man.

NIKHILANANDA is perhaps the least known but best of the new candidates. Masters degree related to government at prestigious university, worldly (50 states, many foreign countries), long time advocated big time of recycling, very well informed on all issues, will have strong attendance record on
Council if elected.

BAKER is a very saavy experienced public servant who delivers for constituents. Play key role in getting Kihea high school going. Criticized for accepting corporate contributions but who doesn’t. Her opponent has as well.

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