When of Pittsburg sat at the Tiki Bar outside the new luau at the  Kaanapali Beach Hotel he was apparently hungry. The persistent Mr asked officials if he could sample one of the luau delicacies. ss is a fan of some character who likes to feast on exotic things. And so returned to the bar with a small plate holding the eyes of the luau roasted pig. No salt and pepper was handy so quaffed them without seasoning. And his wife duly recorded as he popped one eye after another into his mouth. Afterwards, finishing these pupus (Hawaiian ord oeuvres, Farley reported the delicacies whetted his appetite so the two marched off down the beach path in search of a restaurant.

The blogger was not offered a sample but alas would have declined. And so Mr Farley has the honor will go down in my personal as the most bizarre things seen at the Tiki Bar along with the famous nut man that Dale and I join in peels of laughter every once in a while. 

The display

The display


Taste treats on a plate: eyes of pig

Taste treats on a plate: eyes of pig



12 Noon, Saturday Lahaina Civic Center today.

12 Noon, Saturday Lahaina Civic Center today. THE PHOTOGRAPHER

BELOW: Return to viewing the luau


2 responses

  1. A friend says, “I do not eat pork.”


  2. Make your own comment. The funniest one wins a book. Lots of possibilities. My eyes are on you.


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