Aug 20, 2014–Ka’anapali Beach, Maui–. Almost nothing gets this photographer/columnist/author more excited than seeing Maui’s fabulous late afternoon sunlight shining on beautiful subjects.  If you hand an I-phone to a bystander and pick the angle the photographer can be in the spotlight too for a change.  (See also the larger image by scrolling down below the text).

Here blogger Norm Bezane plays Konane, an ancient Hawaiian board game like checkers in which players take turns jumping 64 small white and black pebbles,  with a beautiful wahine.  A player wins when an opponent has nothing to jump. The competitive photographer was not content with a photo-op. He played his beautiful opponent  from the tiny black and white pebbles.  

The stone board and pebbles of course come from Hawaiian’s revered land  The  young wahine at the  Ka’anapali Beach Hotels  new  Luau  watches a crucial move. But alas more photography beckoned.

The photographer did not get the wahines name or phone number but that is OK because quite she is quite a bit younger and his wife would not like this.  Such activities keep one young in spirit. A leading Realtor has said this in one of my columns: “One of the principal benefits of living on Maui is that it is healthy, you feel and stay younger.”    

The blogger will never wear the popular shirt, “Old Guys Rule.” because old guys do not rule AND  if you think you are an old guy, you are.   You are old when you are 100 in my view.  The subject of another of my 200 columns,  an 89-year-old featured in  Voices of Maui  in Lahaina News said, “My experience is it is all down hill after 98.’   More on how the light played on the subjects can be found at http://joysofkaanapali in a post tomorrow. 



The subjects did not need the popular phrase, one, two, three” and then a click command in order to appear posing like sticks, which the photographer is also fond of warning his subjects against.

One of the secrets of a good photo is spontaneity and you would be amazed at the results you get when you say, “I won’t take your picture unless you smile more.” It works. Some of these photos..my wife having fun on St. Patrick’s Day, my friend Laura dancing, my friend Bob with an awesome look on his face at a music venue can also be found on my various blogs.

On this particular blog, this is my 128th post. It is a successor to Kaanapali Condo News blog which had a similar amount of posts.   My various blogs including one one the Lahaina  Public Library Facelift and the new Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset all showcase my love for photography and finding the angle that most other photographers don.t see. Some get big money for this.  My work is unpaid and free. 

Software from word press continues to evolve and improve.  What a pleasure to use this software to pick designs, easily put up photos and connect with other social media.  Like any work on a computer, this is a continuing learning experience. Anyone who thinks he is an old guy obviously would not be into this. 

copyright 2014, VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC PHOTO COLLECTION. Use of this hoto with parnrmission from the blogger should be directed to at norm@mauicommunicators.  ALOHA TO ALL FRM THE GREATEST PLAACE ON EARTH.   NOTE:  (This is posted by a photojournalist who has not been paid by the Kaanapali Beach Hotel, known as the most Hawaiian Hotel, because he loves to hand out there, writes there and enjoys the ambiance almost every single night.  Profiles of seven people associated with the hotel appear in my latest book,  Voices of Aloha, along with game 29890003s

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