Kaanapali, Aug 22. Bringing its new luau to a new level this week at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (known as the Most Hawaiian Hotel for many reasons) treated guests from the visitor industry to a second preview showing this week.

The guests, including this writer and my lovely wife. sipped Mai Tai’s and champagne on the lawn, played a Hawaii checkers game, feasted on Tom Marmot’s wonderful cuisine, and watched behind a phalanx of torches as beautifully y clad men and woman dancers performed and told about legends of Maui. Pictured below are the latest luau pics. Below is a salute to some of my very good friends who bring joy to me and so many others.



The hotel and its wonderful people have done a lot for me personally and in return–without thinking about it much I have done a lot for the hotel as well.


My first book, “Voices of Maui: Natives and Newcomers” is sold in the lobby shop. A special custom book called Voices of Aloha featuring seven people associated with the hotel is sold in the deli shop.


The hotel sometimes gifts my books to its many returning guests and it is always fun to hear someone say, Oh, I got and love your book.: This happens a lot.


The Tiki bar is my home away from home for an hour or two on many evenings. There I write with a glass of wine (once spilled it on my laptop, ruining it). Sometimes I meet fun, interesting and amazing people.


My favorite couple, who I called the Ultimate visitors love to come to the Tiki bar to watch hula although they do not stay in the hotel. They love Maui so much they have 300 Itune Hawaians songs when they are away from the island. Their story appears in my recent book


My political antagonist who is so smart I cannot defeat him in an argument and have given up often talis politics with me while his chats with visitors about other things.. They are away for the summer, and this gives me a break from hearing him blast the affordable health care act and other goings on.


He doesn’t know it, but in a recent column I included him in a list of famous people I have met.


It is the two lead bartenders who make the hotel the Tiki Bar so popular. Dale, who I christened the 400,000 mai tai man, is so famous on the Mainland that people often go up to the bar for the first time to ask any male bartender, “Are you Dale.“ Dale also loves to autograph his write-up in my book and always writes the same thing. Come on Back ALL RIGHT



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