MAGNIFICENT CHICAGO: Putting on the Ritz at the Pennisula

Maui, our home town, has specacular weddings on the beach but few would top this at the luxury Pennisula Hotel on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. The bloggers family with daughter, son-in-law, wife and son enjoy a rare dress up occasion. The blogger owns no suit or suit coat on Maui. Just to make us feel at home in the garden with the John Hancock building in the background, a guest shows off her new tattoos that would compete quite well with the ones one sees on na wahines and na kane who work at Captain Jacks on Front Street in Lahaina. Another addition to the Voices of Maui extensive tattoo collection.
The blogger is being urged to get one too. Any suggestions on what or where it should be?  VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY LLC PHOTO.  Become a follower of this blog by clicking follow.

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  1. […] MAGNIFICENT CHICAGO: Putting on the Ritz at the Pennisula. Blogger and family attend a wedding in a rare appearance with the author wearing a suit. Doesn”t own one on Maui. […]


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