innocents A BEST bill close25400028LAHAINA, Dec. 15– A joyous Christmas pageant at Holy Innocents Church, the second oldest Episcopal Church in t he Hawaiian Islands, featured angels (carrying aluminum foil stars), trees (sprigs of green), the three wise men, the Christ child and mother. Rector Father Bill  Albinger  led off the pageant with his usual eloquence, noting, “Joy is a muscle. It needs to be exercised.

The sad part for Lahaina is that Father Bill is retiring and departing for the Mainland after nearly 10 years at the church at year-end. The pastor believes in celebrating Hawaiian culture at a church that is within eyesight of where King Kamehameha once lived and Queen Lili’oukalani visited. Father Bill struggled to learn Hawaiian and spoke the language at each service. A hui ho Father Bill. Looking forward to your future visits.                        Norm Bezane/VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC photos. MORe TO  COME.

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