GIVE THE GIFT OF ALOHA: 12 days of Christmas Holiday Blog Spectacular

Dec. 21, First Day of Winter–I Before enjoying the spectacular, if you like my photos, you will love my books that profile the remarkable people of aloha.



On Maui,  find Voices of Maui Natives and Newcomers, Maui for Millions, or Voices of Aloha at Friends of Library bookstores in Queen Kaahumanu Center and Wharf Cinema center third floor, the Kaanapali Beach Hotel deli plus interior shop (signed copies) tool, and the coffee stack at the smokestack in Lahaina. Also available on by  search for author Norm Bezane. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in the next 12 days enjoy a feast of photos next   including by second annual year end wahines and kanes featuring more than 125 beautiful people on the beach, beach path, at Leilani’s, at KImo’s,  almost everywhere.  See if you made the cut. This site copyright, Voices of Maui Talk Story, 


Dec. 21, First Day of Winter

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