Upcoming in my Voices of Maui Column in Lahaina News:


COLUMN ONE: Charles “Flip: Nicklin, nicknamed flip by his Dad, a favorite character in the cartoon Terry and the Pirates not more than a substitue for his real name. He got a career in which he has become the world’s foremost photographer of whales and the producer of eight separate articles in National Geographic. (subject to editing).

COLUMN TWO ” David Pull. Cut. Pull Clear. All Clear.The humback whale, loaded down with fishing gear or marine debris swam loose and free. Another day in the rescue of 1300 whales

COLUMN THREE: “When visitors stop on the pali and cause a traffic jam to view whales, they do not know that Lahaina is the world capital of whale research. Some 250 locals and visitors heard this and much more from dozens of renowned researchers who over two days gave everyone a short course on whale research, whale habits and how film and photography made Save the Whales a well known praise around the world. VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC

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  1. Hi Norm. Nice columns on the Whale Tales event and on the luminaries who presided there. From something you said in your Flip article, you may not be aware of something else. So I will offer an update.
    The Whaling Museum at Whaler’s Village was closed effective November, 2016, as the renovation of the shopping center slogs along into its second year. There is no definitive published word yet as to when, where or whether the Museum will open again. It had been there for 30 years and was a small treasure in the old whaling capital of the Pacific.
    Thus, the Whale Talks are now being presented M W F at the Lahaina Courthouse at 11-12 noon. We have been giving the talks there since December and will be there at least through March, 2016.
    Just thought you might want to know.

    Libby Pannwitt
    Whale Talker
    Monk Seal Watcher


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