MAUI WEEKLY HAS DESCRIBED MY BOOKS AS INTRIGUING AND ILUMINATING–ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN ON THE ISLAND 24 HOURS WILL FIND THIS A HANDY REFERENCE. You can go to my on=line bookstore and order one of my popular books and get free priority mail shipping.

Excerpt from the back cover: Guided by the stars, voyagers fro Polynesia came. . Explorers landed. A warrior king united the islands. Well=meaning missionaries came. MErchants built plantations and immigrants from around the world were recruited to harvest and process cane. Sugar barons overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy. Then tourists flocked to Maui. What all found was amazing people of aloha and a great culture that was almost destroyed.

Four books chronicle some 75 people over the last five centuries who have made Maui the Maui you love. Concise tales review how a king unified the islands year by year, how a queen lost her kingdom, how missionaries and thier descendents transformed the land, and how preservationists saved the island’s heritage.

Profiles of  The Renaissance Man George Kahumoku came to Maui in 1992 The Hostess Laura Blears became  the world’s first professional woman surfer. The Bird Man Brian Botka began photographing vvisitors with parrots in 1989. The Performer Willie K turned music professional in 1991. The Lahaina Luau Pioneers continues to thrive in 2015. The Trilogy Catamaran Clan  launched its first tour July 5,1973.  The MusicLegend IZ  popularized Over the Rainbow here, died in 1997. PICTURED: IZ ON KAANAPALI BEACH (rare photo copyright Voices of Maui Talk Story, LLc.)IZ131660002The Artist Jim Kingwell first landed on Maui in 1955 at age five. The Pop Artist  Davo began creating Warhol style pop art in 1983. The Showman  Rudy Acquino starred at tthe Kaanapali Beach Hotel 15 years, retired in 2008. The Golfers Crenshaws married on Maui, participated in the Maui Skins in 2010. The Restaurateur  Peter Merriman opened Hula Grill in 1984  The Chef  CJ opened his comfort food restaurant in 1984. The Server Christina was named a manager in 2013. the Lei Lady Fayth Marcinano left lei selling in 2014 to teach yoga. The Catamaran Clan 43 The first Trilogy excursion launched July 5, 1973. The Surf Shop Owner  Wayno Cochran landed in Maui in 1960 to surf. The Preacher Pastor Laki opened Church on the Go in 2008. The Realtor 54Bob Cartwright joined Whalers Realty in 1983. The Concierge Malihini Keahi-Heath celebrated her 24th year at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in 2015. The 400,000 Mai Tai Man Dale Simonson joined Ka’anapali Beach Hotel in 1970 , The Author Norm Bezane  first visited in 1969,has s lived here 15 years.The Loyal Friend Kea Aloha was born on Hawaii Island in 2008 and enjoys being off his leash.  Legend 90 Emma Sharpe taught hula beginning in 1923 and her style is still prevalent today. The Singer Song Writer Amy Hanaiali’i  Guiliom won four music awards in 2007. The Older Timer Sammy Kadotani still serves community in his nineties. The Entertainer The Morning Goddess began her at KPOA in 1983. The Ricebird Roz Baker joined the Hawaii State Legislature in 1983. The TV Producer 157 Jim Kartes opened the Paradise TV channel in 1974.  King Kamehameha unified the Hawaiian Islands in 1810 after two decades of warfare.. The History Buff Jim Luckey started on historic preservation in Lahaina in 1973. The Mill Manager Keoki Freeland whose family built Pioneer Inn in 1901 retired in 1979, saved smokestack. The Visionary 203Theo Morrison has made history here since 1979. The Architect Uwe Schulz helped complete the development of Whalers Village in 1970. The Kupuna 203Ke‘eaumoku Kapu first traversed Maui in 2008 to celebrate the culture and promote unity. . The Kumu Church Dancer Kalele married her fiance in court right after he was sentenced to prizon for seven years. .  

Voices of Maui books will continue to be sold in both the Kahului and Lahaina bookstores of the Maui Friends of the Library at Kahahumanu Center and Wharf Cinema Center,  the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, the coffee house at the smokestack  and a number of other locations. Inquires from merchants wishing to carry the book are welcome.

*All of these profiles appear in the new book Voices of Maui Beyond the Beach.  Other books include some of these same profiles plus others on Blackie Gadararam. Mike Victorino, Clifford Na’oele and others.

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