What do Hawaiians do when they want to enter a celebration of the rich culture?`

arts open IMG_1569Kumu Kawika Freitas who will recognize the chants of visitors stands with the hotel General Manager  to begin welcoming guests who ask permission to enter through chants.                                                                                                                        

Kapalua, May 11–At the annual Celebration Arts at Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, they chant, asking permission. to enter. In a one-hour ceremony, they approached the doorway of the hotel with a chant about seeking permission  to entire.


Four families and numerous groups each gave individual chants. A Kupuna who owns the Wailuku store Native Intelligence chanted in reply. Each chant is different. And the reply to each chant is different as well. In reply, the kupuna acknowledges he understand the unique words being chanted in Hawaiian and adds his own words of welcome. Let the celebration begin.

Also, see Rick Chatenever in today’s Maui News in which he too describes the moving ceremony. This was the first time the blogger over 14 years got close and personal grabbing a good vantage point early.

Check out my books at Joys of Kaanapali bookstore on the web that contain profiles of host Clifford Naole, and 20 others that  talk about their heritage before celebration audiences or in interviews by this author/blogger. celebrate Hawaiians or report on the events of past years.

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