IMG_1785KAANAPALI BEACH, MAY 15. MESSAGE ONE: FEAR THE FORK, a t shirt warning about lifting your fork too often to grow fat and shorten your life, as seen on the Ka’anapali Beach path.

MESSAGE TWO: FEAR CONGRESS whose conservative members fail to fund Amtrak properly because they do not like “big government. ” In case conservatives have not noticed, big government gives Amtrak the funds to install a system that cuts train power automatically when speeding. A national safety board official said this week’s train crash would not have occurred had this system been in place. Amtrak has a been trying to add this protection system wide for many years but has not gotten the funds to complete it. It does not matter what improper actions the engineer took. The automatic system would have slowed the train.

Big government by the way also rebuilds infrastructure (including bridges that are disintegrating through lack of funding), protects our food supply when agencies have enough money do to so and keeps this country great.

Wake up Congress. Support our infrastructure and if your only decision maker is does a law help business, remember that business only thrives if it can has infrastructure to deliver its goods.

FOR MORE, SEE ALSO MY OTHER BLOG VOICES OF MAUI DIGITAL NEWS. The joys of Kaanapali Photo blog chronicles life on the world best beach (according to Conde Nast) and occasionally comments on news of the day. You can become a daily follower by clicking the link and joining 1700 others. 

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