Honolulu–The blogger is proud to finally post news that your columnistl author and blogger received two awards from the Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii chapter last month. One as a finalist for best independent journalist in the State of Hawaii and a second for best feature column for my column Voices of Maui Beyond the Beach in Lahaina News. Just proves that in some places, journalism is alive and well on Maui. Now if I can only slow down enough to stop making typographical errors, everything will be perfect;

journ awards - 1

2 responses

  1. Aloha Norm! Boy, we all go way back! Our son, Paki Allen, had a nice time with you on the ship!’
    It would be nice if you do a special recognition on Henry Kaleialoha Allen, his father, for hit “Lifetime Achievement” for the “Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts” and HARA for all of his life in the “preservation and perpetuation” of Hawaii’s Culture, along with his fife dedicated of “Promoting Hawaii, to the world” sing age 18!


  2. mahalo, Norm, for all that you do and are still doing also!!! A Hui Ho! Mahalo!


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