Your blogger was outside, not inside, but the word is Paul McCartney did a two hour set complete with fireworks. Best moment: the crowd joined him in singing, “Hey Jude..”Chicago, unlike Maui knows how to deal with crowds–trcorner. affic police on every corner. One day maybe McCarney will come to Maui. Crowds packed the part which adjoins Millennium Park.  Visitors swarmed into this nearby attraction to watch kids cavort in water before massive projected photos.  

NOTE ON PHOTOGRAPHY: The blogger often tells people who are the subject of posed picture not to stand there like sticks but to talk to each other, to be animated.  Amazingly, the Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye did a whole spread of individual people just posed before the camera.  So our blog does one up on the mighty tribune, showing people but in candid fashion.  VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC PHOTOS

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