ALOHA TATOO ARTISTS AND THE NEWLY TATOOED: did the blogger join this people on the tattoo table?

August 30–The blogger who has photographed many people with tattoos on Maui and some in Honolulu got something at this mega tatoo convention. Scroll down to see what: This is Nicole.  She is getting a blackbird on her leg and why it makes a statement about who she is and why and when she colored her hair.   Find up why in my upcoming column in Lahaina New in September.  Click on follower to be follower of this blog for provocative photos usually of another place famous for tattooes: the beaches of Kaanapali, Maui. A nice chat with Nicole while she was under the needle revealed a lot about the world of tattoos. 

To see what he blogger left with, you will just have to wait until Monday. No more posting. Watching a possible no hitter on TV.  Aloha to all from Voices of Maui Talk Story, LLC based on Maui, now visiting Chicago. 

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  1. This is the 319th post on this blog which is nearing 25,000 views the last time the blogger looked.


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