The choice of a tattoo was provided by artists from Florida and New Jersey, Hawaii to Nebraska. A tough decision for a blogger whose skins carries no inked image.
tato23 - 1 (1) tato019 - 1

. The blogger could have gone flat on is back as shown below:

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Your courageous blogger, however, chickened out. What he got was something just as good, though less permanent.  A hug from this artist from Monarch Tatoos In Honolulu who traveled 4000 miles to show her stuff with ink and other ways.  VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC PHOTOS.  Check out my post 100 whines in the list for late December 2014 for more. Watch for my upcoming story on this wizardry in Lahaina News. 

She will tattoo you in Honolulu

She will tattoo you in Honolulu

The official posed pic will appear here soon as soon as the blogger can find it amount more than 1000 photos taken in Chicago the last two months. 

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  1. This is my 320 post on this , one of four blog sites.


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