KA’ANAPALI BEACH MAUI  HAWAII, Dec. 21–Santa Claus landed on Kaanapali Beach late this afternoon in a special sleigh outfitted for HAWAII (a canoe) but a heavy surf found toys tumbling into the sea. (continued below). Isanta 1

Just joking. Santa went to Hula Grill on a dry run, so t speak, on the way to a secret workshop on Haleakala Crater where he assembles toys for Hawaii.  His assistants are overfeeding the dolphins who will pull his sleigh over the pali (cliffs) through the warm Maui night so they will have plenty of energy to swoop from the volcano across  to West Maui where hundreds of Mainland kids await and locals. Watch for big report tomorrow in this space. By the way, Maui is his favorite worldwide stop. Since it is at the end of his journey, he discards the red suit for a red trunks so he can enjoy the beach for a few days. Kids are urged not to bother him because he will be on vacation.

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