JOYS BLOGGER NORM BEZANE IS THE AUTHOR OF VOICES OF ALOHA ON MAGICAL MAUI. If you love “joys” you’ll love the book celebrating Maui. Maui is revealed for visitors including many who return year after year. “A handy Maui guide” according to Maui Time , “Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui,” showcases Kaanapali and Maui, among the most popular tourist destinations in the world (2.5 million visitors annually), and its remarkable people of aloha who built modern Maui.


NORM BEZANE,named a top two independent journalist and writer of a top two feature column in the State of Hawaii by the Society of Professional Journalists Honolulu is the author of four popular books including his latest “Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui.”Writing from the unique perspective of experience of 25 years as a visitor to Maui and 15 years as resident, Bezane has written nearly 250 columns the best of which appear in this, his definitive book on his insights.

Maui Time Weekly says the author writings “are intriguing and illuminating and provides a handy guide for anyone who has been on the island 24 hours.”

Chicago Tribune Rick Kogan in a radio interview said to the author: “you are the voice of Maui and have the same spirit as (Pulitzer Prize winner) Mike Royko. Your writing reminds me of what he used to write”.

The focus is short tales of a bartender who has made 400,000 maui tais, the surfer/hostess who once posed for Playboy, musicians, artists and colorful characters, the king who united the islands, the queen who lost a kingdom, missionaries, sugar and tourists kings who shaped modern Maui.

Readers will also to know and understand Hawaiians, what they do and what they think about the transformation of this wonderful place from monarcjy, to U.S. territory to state. and what they think say for those who want to understand their cultural experience while here.

The unique accounts loved by visitors and “locals” alike are among the few that tell the story of contemporary remarkable people who have made Maui Maui, the greatest place on earth.



Passionate about Maui, he began his Hawaii writing experience to learn to better appreciate the rich culture and those he came to know as remarkable people of aloha who visitors and resident encounter every day. share his love of island people, particularly Hawaiians whose rich culture A native of Oak Park, Illinois who wrote the same high school newspaper column penned by Ernest Hemingway 50 years before Bezane describes his long career in journalism and corporate communications as bookends .

He wrote for 10 years as a journalist, notably as a reporter on the Chicago Bureau of Business Week Magazine from 1962 to 1966 with the highlight interviewing Dr. Martin Luther King and a young Jessie Jackson as he sat in bed for an article on the Nobel Prize winner’s civil rights campaign.

For more than 40 years he worked in public relations, serving 10 years as editor of a corporate magazine and later launched the A T Kearney publication “Executive Agenda,” He researched and wrote a history of Underwriters Laboratories titled “This Inventive Century: the Incredible Journey of UL” and wrote speeches for the Chairman of Sears and others as a senior consultant to Hill and Knowlton, the nation’s largest public relations firm at the time.

Today, honing skills over 40 first acquired in the challenging work environment of Business Week magazine, he considers the writing he continues to do today as the best in his long career.




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