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COMMENTARY: Why 5,000 marched on Maui, million worldwide

IN 250 WORDS OR LESS: Saturday’s unprecedented women’s (and men’s) march of 5,000 in Kahului was inspirational. The march was not an end but a beginning.

Trumpites do not understand why we marched.This was not for the most part anti-Trump . It was a call to our politicians to act with respect and dignity; it was a call to recognize global warming rather than deny it. It was a call to preserve gains in health care; it was a call to end counterproductive bashing of media,the backbone of democracy.

It was a call to exercise some intelligence and common sense in solving our country’s deep problems and produce positive,rather than negative change. Many voters fell into the trap of believing outrageous claims about Hillary who has been bashed
unfairly for 40 years. No wonder people wanted her locked up.

Brainwashed lies repeated again and again tend to be believed. Hillary made mistakes, ran a poor campaign, but did not deserve what she got. The example of a Hana woman whose idea went viral produced a million marchers worldwide. One person can make a difference.

The 5,000 who marched need to continue to step up, to speak out. Societies have suffered because people remained silent in the face of tyranny and not without penalty.Let’s move
forward America, return to the values that indeed have made this country great, as it still is. At the same time, let’s figure out ways to work for positive not negative change. 

SLIDE SHOW: 15 photos: 5000 MARCH ON MAUI

KAHULUI, MAUI–Some 5000 people equal to 3 percent of the population march in largest rally ever held on this best Hawaiian island. Idea for marches began from a post by resident of tiny Hana, Maui that went viral. March not end but beginning speakers say. Get involved. Don’t give up. 

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Hey my 1000  Facebook and Twitter followers click the link for answer. After the 2012 election one Sara Palin visited Maui for a post election vacation. Donald Trump of course would never come here for this is a place of aloha–love, compassion for others. 

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE like we do on Maui.

vote-1Lahaina–where the blogger will be on election day before watching MSNBC. It is imperative that you vote in an election that will decide our future as a country, one way or another.  And bring a little aloha to the ballot box. 


ATHENS, GREECE–Couldn’t have said it better:’Babarians,according to the Greeks,were those to talked gibberish.  In Greek eyes, Trump would have been a barbarian. The Greeks demonized ones these who ran their affairs this way.  And the Greeks of Athens knew a great deal about Democracy. In fact, they were more democratic than we are in which the very few look after their own interests rather than the interests of their country.  The quotation is from Historian Brittany Hughes, documentary producer for PBS,  the BBC and the channel.  VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY COMMENTARY 


To my 1,700 Facebook followers and members of this blog:  In Hawaiian myth, there is the story of the rat and the octopus. A rat for some reason becomes stranded in the ocean. The octopus decides to rescue the rat and bring him to shore. Close to shore the octopus betrays him and the rat drowns.

Artist Scott Yoell tells the story with two figures: Donald Trump representing the octopus,  a headless figure wearing a gaudy suit.

One wonders however why Trump is not symbolized by both. For one thing, he is a rat.
But he is also an octopus, entangling victims in Trump University as well as business and government.

He does not wear a cap saying Make America Great Again which squares with the facts since the U.S, us already great. Voices of Maui Political Commentary

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