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MAKAWAO, MAUI HAWAII, VETERANS CEMETERY– Against a deep blue sky, flowers are dropped upon
MEM DAY FLOWERS - 1hundreds of crosses and flags here. See the next post for complete coverage of this remakable event.

Voices of Maui Talk Story, LLC exclusive photos, (the other “photographers: shot ony the obvious stuff)

Maui Remembers on Memorial Day

Kaanapali Beach, Maya 22–In a special ceremony at noon–the traditional time for a chant–a pule (prayer) is chanted, a conch shell is blown, and guests are invited to pick a flower, descend to the beach, and release it to the waves to remember a love one or someone who died as a hero. A dad, his son, and daughters complete the memorable event at the Marriott on Maui. In Makawao, at veterans cemetery, the fallen were remembered with the placement of 2400 leis. The heavy surf creating monumental traffic kept us from going this year.
 Voices of Maui Talk Story, LLC photos.m CHAnt four IMG_2275

What were these people looking at on Memorial Day in Maui?

m CHAnt four IMG_2275Kaanapali, May 25–It was not waves, although it might have been (see tomorrow’s post). It was a Hawaiian chanter offering a remembrance of fallen heroes on this Memorial Day as well as everyone who has passed. See the next post for more. VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC photo

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