Maui egret surprises visitors

A Maui egret makes a rare visit and provides a rare photo on the Kaanapali beach path to surprise visitors.. The elegant birds frequently glide above Kaanapali but rarely this close ti the ocean. Egrets frequent beach areas around the globe.

Taking flight


Lahaina–We celebrate Halloween on Front Street on Maui.

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Kaanapali–Beach acrobatics


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Legs and arms

Another way people love Kaanapali Beach–a place to exercise. Exercise the mind through my new book, Voices of Aloha On Magical Maui. Google it and find out how to get it.

Why are are these Hawaiian hula dancers wearing glitzy cellophane skirts?

Because they became popular in the 1940’s when tourists discovered Hawaii and arrived by boat.. Now authentic skirts are usually worn as more respect for the culture has evolved. The glitzy ones are sometimes worn in one dance in a show. To Hawaiians cellophane skirts today represent an insult to the culture.

Perspective 4900 miles from Washington D.C Inspiration on Maui

My take on Saturday’s march in mid-Pacific in Letter to the Editor, Maui News.



COMMENTARY: Why 5,000 marched on Maui, million worldwide

IN 250 WORDS OR LESS: Saturday’s unprecedented women’s (and men’s) march of 5,000 in Kahului was inspirational. The march was not an end but a beginning.

Trumpites do not understand why we marched.This was not for the most part anti-Trump . It was a call to our politicians to act with respect and dignity; it was a call to recognize global warming rather than deny it. It was a call to preserve gains in health care; it was a call to end counterproductive bashing of media,the backbone of democracy.

It was a call to exercise some intelligence and common sense in solving our country’s deep problems and produce positive,rather than negative change. Many voters fell into the trap of believing outrageous claims about Hillary who has been bashed
unfairly for 40 years. No wonder people wanted her locked up.

Brainwashed lies repeated again and again tend to be believed. Hillary made mistakes, ran a poor campaign, but did not deserve what she got. The example of a Hana woman whose idea went viral produced a million marchers worldwide. One person can make a difference.

The 5,000 who marched need to continue to step up, to speak out. Societies have suffered because people remained silent in the face of tyranny and not without penalty.Let’s move
forward America, return to the values that indeed have made this country great, as it still is. At the same time, let’s figure out ways to work for positive not negative change. 

SLIDE SHOW: 15 photos: 5000 MARCH ON MAUI

KAHULUI, MAUI–Some 5000 people equal to 3 percent of the population march in largest rally ever held on this best Hawaiian island. Idea for marches began from a post by resident of tiny Hana, Maui that went viral. March not end but beginning speakers say. Get involved. Don’t give up. 

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Kahului, Maui Some 3 percent of population. Much more to come.

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