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TURTLE TIME: photo of the day Kaanapali

turtlefans1128Kaanapali–Crowd watches release of turtle from Maui Ocean Center a couple of years ago. Turtles can occasionally be found in nearby waters but they are protected do not touch.


Which of these is the VOICES OF MAUI PHOTO OF THE YEAR from a selection of 6,000? Vote in comments.

Lahaina, Dec. 27–Which of these is the VOICES OF MAUI PHOTO OF THE YEAR?  Comment to Vote. Count from the top 1,2 etc. copyright, Norm Bezane, Voices of Maui Talk Story.

Below:  Joyous ukulele player with 70 other players at Maui Arts and Cultural Center

                                                Below: Chicago festival
tecd danceIMG_1182

 Above:  Kaanapali Beach: a friend (left) dancers with a local 

Makiila  with iadies

Makiila with iadies Kaanapali Beach Hotel new luau


10 Leilani's day: she has three kids

 Leilani’s day: she has three kids

A beautiful blue Maui sky as backdrop

 A beautiful blue Maui sky as backdrop for the launching of the voyaging canoe.

                                                  Above:  Race to Lana’i from Kaanapali Beach                                                 Honulu Bay: A voyager offers traditional island hello between Native Hawaians

Below: Spring break on Kaanapali Beach the night aftershipIMG_2743                                                Above. Dancing on the Celebrity Solstice in Polynesia

                                                Below: an interlude on the Beach Walk, Kaanapali Beach..




Kahului, Sept. 29–When the highly talented, beautiful Katie McMillan attended a TED similar in Washington D.C she came back to Maui founded now three-year old TED ex, privately organized.

An opening speaker noted how he puts his feet on the ground for the first time each morning and says, “It is going to be a great day.” It works.

Monday your blogger began with his own version, “It is going to be a great day—SLOW DOWN. (not try to do too many things in one day)

We learned about aliens somewhere amid 250 billion galaxies each with 250 billion stars, heard a great ukulele player and learned about edible foods, 10 of 12 fascinating talks often about how to improve one life.

It was a great day, and even greater because of the after party.  VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY,LLC Norm Bezane -photos


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