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Kaanapali–Beach acrobatics

Perspective 4900 miles from Washington D.C Inspiration on Maui

My take on Saturday’s march in mid-Pacific in Letter to the Editor, Maui News.



COMMENTARY: Why 5,000 marched on Maui, million worldwide

IN 250 WORDS OR LESS: Saturday’s unprecedented women’s (and men’s) march of 5,000 in Kahului was inspirational. The march was not an end but a beginning.

Trumpites do not understand why we marched.This was not for the most part anti-Trump . It was a call to our politicians to act with respect and dignity; it was a call to recognize global warming rather than deny it. It was a call to preserve gains in health care; it was a call to end counterproductive bashing of media,the backbone of democracy.

It was a call to exercise some intelligence and common sense in solving our country’s deep problems and produce positive,rather than negative change. Many voters fell into the trap of believing outrageous claims about Hillary who has been bashed
unfairly for 40 years. No wonder people wanted her locked up.

Brainwashed lies repeated again and again tend to be believed. Hillary made mistakes, ran a poor campaign, but did not deserve what she got. The example of a Hana woman whose idea went viral produced a million marchers worldwide. One person can make a difference.

The 5,000 who marched need to continue to step up, to speak out. Societies have suffered because people remained silent in the face of tyranny and not without penalty.Let’s move
forward America, return to the values that indeed have made this country great, as it still is. At the same time, let’s figure out ways to work for positive not negative change. 

CHRISTMAS MAUI STYLE 12 cool photos 24 hours

Scroll down  FB,twitter click link.santa-on-crhistmas-posed-1

Santa gets ready for last voyage at Canoe Beach Christmas morning.(above,below)


santa-on-crhistmas-3-1Shave Ice ordering along beach path on Christmas afternoon. (BELOW) christmas-shave-i-2-1

The thirsty  blogger in his gift T shirt with pineapple/banana/coconut shave ice. 


Sara sampling my sharing  shave ice. 9Below).


Visitors galore along beach path.(below)


More visitors help our economy hum


Kaanapali Parkway Christmas Eve (above)

Holy Innocents Church Christmas Eve (below).


christmas-holy-in-1-1 christmas-hyatt-1 christmas-holy-in-hula-3-1

Reading in soft chair at the Westin in front of flamingos. (below)


Santa the ladies man at start of day.(below).


Not shown Longi’s for Christmas Eve dinner, Dukes for Christmas Day Breakfast, reading at the pool, Small Christmas dinner at Sangria, watching Saturday Night Live Christmas show on tape, preparing this 9 pm. blog post

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12th DAY OF MAUI CHRISTMAS: no present for them.

Kaanapali–Flamingos for Christmas at the Westin.  Nothing under the trees for them Check out my new site: bezants.com


How many hundreds of leis did it take to take care of a big crowd on Kaanapali Beach?

Kaanapali–The largest crowd this blogger has ever seen alongside the Kaanapali Beach path enjoyed the fragrances of beautiful leis.  How many. Close to 1200 people gathered at the Hyatt Residences.  What were these people doing there?  GOOGLE Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui for more provocative photos.




Lahaina Civic Center: Hula took to the court with maneuvers not seen under the hoops. One of four posts. Breaking news: my new booker sale  on line at http://voicesalohamagicalmaui.combasketball-hula-4-1


img_0130LAHAINA…More on the halftime show at the basketball tournament. Google to check out my are web site Voices of Alohs on Magical Maui got exciting news


The best and perhaps only Hula show at basketball half time at the Maui Invitationsl Basketball tournament from http://voicesofalohamagicalmaui.comimg_0130


Investors plan mega changes in Lahaina
Voices of Maui • Beyond the Beach

March 31, 2016
BY NORM BEZANE , Lahaina News
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LAHAINA – Inspired by the committee studying whether the County of Maui should have a county manager to run things instead of the mayor, a group of wealthy Lahaina residents (who made fortunes on the Mainland) are backing a move to make Lahaina a separate city, this column has learned exclusively. 

Fans in August



Key backers of the plan pointed out that Lahaina has suffered for years by being neglected by the Wailuku-based county. “There is no reason we cannot do better and at last make Lahaina a town that works to the highest standard,” stated the head of the group, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Lahaina would get a new $200 million city hall to be built on the site of the old Chart House Restaurant, which would thankfully be acquired and torn down. The community eyesore is now the first thing you see on the Front Street entrance road to Lahaina Town proper after leaving Kaanapali. “This will be the people’s building,” a multimillionaire close to the project said.

Members of the new City Council will have to be content with chambers facing mauka along Honoapiilani Highway, while citizens will enjoy using a new community center with a glass atrium and grand restaurant with beautiful ocean views just a few feet away.

The council will be made up of seven members (restricted to four-year terms) who will represent Lahaina proper (two), Launiupoko, Kaanapali, Honokowai and Napili/Kapalua. Olowalu (outside city limits) would continue to be part of the county.

“One of the first things we would do almost immediately would be to build sidewalks with curbs throughout Lahaina Town. We would also build a three-story parking facility on a vacant lot on Lahainaluna Road with a facade compatible with the historic character of the town,” another millionaire said.

An important city service would be recycling and trash removal. The city would operate its own municipal garbage fleet and pick up common recyclables that would be separated by type.

The city would acquire 14 acres of land mauka and makai of the restored Pioneer Mill Smokestack and replace the ugly recycling station that fronts the highway at Lahainaluna Road. Visitors entering town would look out on a new municipal park covering what is now an unsightly area leased out as a staging area for buses and trucks.

An excellent museum now located at the Old Lahaina Courthouse would be expanded and housed in a new structure adjacent to Moku’ula (with good parking) that would become a prime tourist destination. Three-fourths of the facility – to be named King and Queen’s Center – would be devoted to cultural displays and programs with emphasis on the historic role our town played in the evolution of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The remainder would be devoted to the town’s whaling and plantation traditions.

Affordable housing would not be neglected either. Through tax incentives and heavy subsidies, the town would create an apartment park similar to an office park. Building free-standing homes that are supposed to be affordable – but cost $400,000 each – makes no sense, according to one source.

Instead, “We will build a large number of two- or three-story, four- or six-plexes that will put workers in two- to three-bedroom apartments to be sold for about $200,000,” a millionaire stated.

Through rigid zoning, Front Street would be transformed into a quaint village supervised by a historic preservation officer, who would enforce neglected building codes and requirements that buildings not be painted in garish colors. Rent controls would be instituted. Building owners would be required to set strict standards for tenants to eliminate shops selling cheap souvenirs not made in Hawaii.

In a surprising admission, the group claims that it has what it takes to overcome the State Constitution that set up county governments. “We plan to spend a lot of money lobbying legislators to make the change. ‘Money talks,’ ” the treasurer of the group said.

First evidence of the plan will occur the first of the new month with a large banner above Front Street that will proclaim:

“Happy April Fools’ Day from Lahaina News.”

REPRINTED FROM MY COLUMN THIS WEEEK. http://voicesofmaui.com 

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