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How many hundreds of leis did it take to take care of a big crowd on Kaanapali Beach?

Kaanapali–The largest crowd this blogger has ever seen alongside the Kaanapali Beach path enjoyed the fragrances of beautiful leis.  How many. Close to 1200 people gathered at the Hyatt Residences.  What were these people doing there?  GOOGLE Voices of Aloha on Magical Maui for more provocative photos.




KA’ANAPALI, MAUI, JULY 4–Which duck won in contest at the Sheraton Maui? The one with the red dot. See more on my blog joysof kaanapali.com throughout thee day.  WATCH FOR MORE.Marriott 4b - 1 today.

What do we do for Fourth of July on Ka’anapali in the Morning?

We photograph visitors playing games just as John Adams we would do in celebrating Fourth of July.
Balloon tosses. Water melon contests. Shave ice consumer on a hot day, all at the Sheraton Maui on Kaanapali Beach, Maui, Hawaii, 967861, our home town.
Tonight: Music, Dancing. Fireworks. VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC.

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