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Bright Ka’anapali Sun Paints a Picture

Ka’anapali, 7 a.m. April 11–Here comes the sun, painting a picture as it shines into the Starbucks on Ka’anapali Beach and forms a shadow of a coffee drinker doing something with his fingers.  NORM BEZANE/VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC.

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At this Starbucks, what in the world are these people looking that they would never see outside 10,000 other coffee shops?t

March 20, Kaanapali Maui–No. It is not NCAA basketball.  No it is not the flying walendas.  At this Starbucks, perhaps at one of the best locations in the county famous for its view, these mesmerized visitors are looking at the ocean.  And  what they are looking for are breaching Humpback Whales, are annual visitors who now number 10,000 in the channel that separates Lahaina, Maui from Lanaii and Molokai in the distance.  FOR MORE CHECK OUT MY COLUMN BY GOOGLING LAHAINA NEWS to learn more about whales.  JOYS OF KAANAPALI..now approaching 10,000 views.

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