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THE BRITISH ARE COMING..one of four Fourth of July posts

4th - 1Chicago–How ironic. For 57 years, the Chicago History museum has invited our opponents in the War of Independence to our country’s birthday party at its Old fashioned fourth. The blogger returns after a 14 year absence to this annual event. WATCH FOR THREE MORE AMAZING POSTS. Voices of Maui Talk Story, Llc photo from bloggers visit to Magnificent Chicago.4th - 1

CHRISTMAS IN CHICAGO VS. CHRISTMAS IN MAUI: 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Spectacular

Chicago, Dec. 21–Santa was nowhere to be found here today but on Maui–if tradition holds–he showed up on Kaanapali Beach, Maui, landing in a canoe off Hula Grill. Here is what Santa missed by not being in Chicago:

Christmas Hula on Maui (2010) (just a sample) More tomorrow.                                                                                        VOICES OF MAUI TALK STORY, LLC PHOTOS

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