A Salute to Our Veterans, especially people like Spc. Joe Collins struggling with PSTD

America can never repay its debt to veterans, especially those of the last seven decades who are struggling to overcome the horrors of war embedded within.  More than 240,000 have been diagnosed with PTSD.  Specialist Joe Collins on MSNBC today tells how he  served when he was “still a kid” at 19  and in the last  10 years  facing a iving hell after his return.  He escaped to  closet, couldn’t sleep and was paranoid. Today he leads a group to support veterans like himself. 

The blogger and blogger’s son have been writing this week about bipolar alcoholics, 10 million strong on a new Facebook page and for a forthcoming book. What is so striking is how much Veterans with PTSD and sufferers from bipolar disorder have in common.  The hell of bipolars is often abuse of alcohol and drugs, the challenge of dealing with two separate illnesses at the same time and a path some take similar to the veteran.  Both sometimes choose suicide as an escape from pain.  No one who is not in these two groups can fully understand the dynamics of their chal–enge. 

This site is mostly about joy. Today and tomorrow we depart to bring this message to our many followers.  Mahalo and Aloha Veterans.

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  1. […] A Salute to Our Veterans, especially people like Spc. Joe Collins struggling with PSTD. […]


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