Nov. 12–BLOGGER FAMILY NEWS: Our 35-year-old son Conor who has strolled the beach walk since he was six years old in 2006 joined 5.7 million other Americans aflicted with bipolar disorder. This week I invite you to like his Facebook page ( ) and follow his blog, The Bipolar Addict:

It has been two years since I flew from Maui to Chicago unannounced for an intervention. Conor entered treatment for alcoholism – a common comorbidity. He is now 29 months sober and is seeking a publisher for an incredibly well-written book tentatively titled “The Eccentrics.”

You are likely to find his insights here fascinating and possibly useful for someone close to you. In a way this is a coming out for Conor and our family. The pain of the last years for Conor and us is receding and today marks the beginning, God willing, of a brighter future. His favorite bartender on Maui asks for him all the time as does a filmmaker who he met just once for 20 minutes at Canoe Beach just a few years ago. He is that impressive when alert and lively.

In the Eccentrics, he proves again and again that he is a better writer than I am and that is probably saying something. A Harvard professor/psychiatrist has written an introduction to the work and an agent has been favorably impressed with the book and is pitching to publishers. It only takes one to say yes. Conor has a renewed mission in life and has much to live for. AN EXCERPT FROM THE ECCENTRICS (MUCH MORE ON FACEBOOK AND AT “We are punks. We are poets. Musicians and artists. Professionals and intellectuals. We are drunk. High. Manic. Depressed. We almost died. And now… we are stable and sober. Copyright, 2014, Conor Bezane

Conor taking ukelele lessons on Maui this summer on the road to recovery

Conor taking ukelele lessons on Maui this summer on the road to recovery

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